Reference Manual

TailBite usage

PureBasic uses its own internal format for libraries, and allows you to create your own libraries in ASM or C. So, if you want to create PureBaisc libraries, first you need your code translated either to ASM or C.

PureBasic creates the file 'PureBasic.asm' when called with the /COMMENTED option. So, since we already have the ASM source for our library, we only need to make some changes to it so we can use it as source for a PureBasic library. This is what TailBite does for you: call the PB compiler, split the 'PureBasic.asm' file into several ASM files (roughly, one for each function), compile the ASM files into OBJ files, join those OBJ files into a LIB file, create the DESC file (with the description of the library) and call Library Maker (in the PureBasic/Library SDK/ folder), which actually makes the final library and installs it in the PureBasic/PureLibraries/UserLibraries/ folder.

The TailBite Installer adds TailBite to the tools menu. Once you have your code ready, you only have to select TailBite from the tools menu.

So, how does your code have to look like so TailBite can make a PureBasic library out of it? Just follow some simple rules: