Run TailBite_Installer.exe. YouŽll see two text fields, one for the PureBasic folder, another for the TailBite installation folder.

The installer gets the PureBasic folder from the Windows registry, so if that information has been changed, deleted or is wrong, you can select the proper PureBasic folder using the "Browse" button in the right.

TailBite can be installed in any folder. If thereŽs already an entry in the PureBasic tools preferences named "TailBite", the command directory to that entry will be used. Otherwise, a subdirectory of the PureBasic folder named TailBite is choosen and created by default. You can change it by using the "Browse" button in the right.

If you already had TailBite installed, and you choose the same installation folder, the previous version of TailBite will be overwritten, but any files that donŽt belong to the TailBite installation will be preserved (library source files, etc.)

The installer unpacks the necessary files, including: TailBite.exe and TBManager.exe, samples (in the TailBite/Samples/ folder), help file (in PureBasic/Help/) and helper resident files (in PureBasic/Residents/).

The source is included in the 'src.pack' file. Put it in the TailBite folder. Then, run TBManager.exe and click on the 'Extract TailBite sources' button. You'll be prompted for an unpack folder, select it and all the TailBite sources will be extracted there.

The source includes all the PureBasic sources of TailBite, and included files, ASM sources of the helper libraries and html sources of this chm file. To build the TailBite_Installer, just run the TailBite Installer Build.pb file (no need to create an executable, just press F5) and follow instructions.